DermAware Screenplay SPF 30 Sunscreen

Amazing product with multiple benefits! UVA and UVB sunblock (Micronized Zinc and Titanium Dioxide) to protect the skin against sun damage and environmental aging provides long term moisture all day long. Powerful anti-oxidants (Green Tea Extract, Coffee Extract Cascading Vitamins for each level of skin) renew the skin and inhibit free radical damage at the same time. Beneficial and beautiful, it gives the skin a natural coverage. Available for Retail and Professional in Tinted and Non-Tinted! Use as a primer for make-up or go make-up free and let your skin shine. All this and it is Oil-Free and Chemical-Free making it the perfect sunscreen for all skin types and all year round!

Dermaware Vital C Cream, Pure C Glow Microgel, Vital C Booster Powder and Pure C Glow Peel (Professional only)

Vitamin C or its analogs (ascorbyl palmitate and acetate) are vital in a daily skin care regimen to control all signs of aging including wrinkles, lost elasticity, hydration, firmness and hyperpigmentation and to provide photo protection. In addition to its role in collagen biosynthesis, vitamin C reduces skin pigment irregularities by inhibiting the function of the key enzyme tyrosinase involved in the synthesis of the pigment melanin in the epidermis. This key vitamin provides beneficial effects to the skin via both the stability and permeability of the molecule.