A DermAware ABC regimen gives your skin the three critical must have vitamins along with many other Bio-Active ingredients needed for both skin health and skin beauty. Vital A Retinoids activated epidermal rejuvenation from the basal stem layer. Vital B both plumps and moisturizes your skin from the inside out. Vital C stimulates collagen, reduces discoloration, improves skin color and radiance.

First cleanse your skin and then apply your daily ABC's followed by your daytime moisturizer.

All three elements of your ABC routine are critical to maintaining skin health, skin beauty and skin youth. Each ingredient is delivered in its own unique delivery system at the highest doses without any downtime with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Steps to get started:1.Choose Your A - VITal A Microgel for Aging, Dry or Combination Skin, A+ Plus Smart for Pigment or Acne or Oil Control, VITal K Microgel (which is A + K) for sensitive, rosacea or skin that needs healing.

2.Everybody uses VITal B Hydrogel- even oily or acne prone skin. It is not only delivering Vitamin B + Hyaluronic Acid + Regenerating Peptide but also delivering anti-inflammatories for sensitive skin.

3.Choose Your C- Pure C Glow Microgel strong pure ascorbic or Pure C Glow Microgel x-strong for pure ascorbic + lactic acid or VITal C Cream for healing gentle vitamin c delivery and skin lightening.