During winter months or when undergoing peel treatments your skin can be more sensitive and drier. It's important to follow a healing regimen. Some products we recommend are:

Healing Cream Cleanser - Nutrient rich Banana, Olive Leaf boosted with Zinc, Pink Calamine, Selenium, Vitamins D, E, A, B, & C help skin repair and recover.

Healing Powers Mask - Calming Peptides Sleep-in Mask with Nutrient rich Banana and Pineapple. Essential Zinc, Calamine, Selenium, Vitamins D, E, A, B, & C, Dead Sea Minerals, help skin repair and speeds recovery.

Extreme Cream - Extremely rich cream loaded with organo-tech healing and anti-aging compound to aid skin that is exposed to extreme conditions due to the environment or one's internal hormonal fluctuations.