Body Cleansers

F13-Breathe Bath & Shower Gel

F14-Experience French Lavender<br> Bath & Shower Gel

F15-Experience Pure Bliss<br> Bath & Shower Cleanser

Breathe Bath & Shower Gel

Experience French Lavender
Bath & Shower Gel

Experience Pure Bliss
Bath & Shower Cleanser

Eucalyptus Lemon Spruce
16 oz  $26.00
Pure French Lavender
16 oz  $26.00
Banana Mango
16 oz  $26.00
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F4-Inner Peace Bath & Shower Gel

F5-Mint Bath & Shower Gel

F1-Relax Bath & Shower Gel

Inner Peace Bath & Shower Gel

Mint Bath & Shower Gel

Relax Bath & Shower Gel

Rose Lavender Geranium
16 oz  $26.00
Green Tea Peppermint Rosemary
16 oz  $26.00
Chamomile Sandalwood Vanilla
16 oz  $26.00
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F16-Romance Bath & Shower Gel

F3-Skinny Dip Bath & Shower Gel

F11-Vitamin  Hand & Body Cleanser

Romance Bath & Shower Gel

Skinny Dip Bath & Shower Gel

Vitamin Hand & Body Cleanser

Chocolate Raspberry
16 oz  $26.00
Grapefruit Aloe Juniper
16 oz  $26.00
Lemon, Grapefruit, Vitamin C
16 oz  $26.00
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F17-Resurface Body Cleanser

Resurface Body Cleanser

Glycolic Vanilla Sugar
16oz  $60.00
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• Pure botanical scents
• Gentle, soap-free
• pH balanced
• Vitamin, botanical enriched
• Pure earth friendly

We believe that taking care of your body's skin is just as important as that of your face. The first step to healthy skin is choosing a good body cleanser. This prepares the skin to receive nutrition Read More...


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