Moisturizers / Sunscreen

B1-Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer

B2-Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer Oil-Free

C9-Barrier Healing Gel

Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer

Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer Oil-Free

Barrier Healing Gel

Optimum hydration & daily anti-oxidant protection
2 oz  $48.00
Oil-Free hydration & daily anti-oxidant protection
2 oz  $48.00
Healing recovery and cosmetic wrinkle filler gel
1 oz  $58.00
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B9-Blemish Banisher Hydrator

B10-Extreme Cream

B11-French Lavender Mist

Blemish Banisher Hydrator

Extreme Cream

French Lavender Mist

Daily Oil Free, Acne Control
2 oz  $70.00
Intense hydration & nourishing vitamins'
1.6 oz  $56.00
Pure lavender aromatherapy hydrator
8 oz  $28.00
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B19-New! Go Spot Go Moisturizer

B5-Oil Change Shine Control Gel

B12-Perfect Fit Hydrator

New! Go Spot Go Moisturizer

Oil Change Shine Control Gel

Perfect Fit Hydrator

Pigment Control
Lightening Brightening Hydration

1.7 oz  $136.00
Absorbs oil to eliminate shine
1 oz  $38.00
Regenerating peptide hydration
2 oz  $58.00
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B17-Pure & Gentle Soothing Cream

B15-Screenplay SPF 30 Tinted <br>Sunscreen & Moisturizer

B16-Screenplay SPF 30 White Sunscreen & <br>Moisturizer NEW

Pure & Gentle Soothing Cream

Screenplay SPF 30 Tinted
Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Screenplay SPF 30 White Sunscreen &
Moisturizer NEW

Recovery Hydration
2 oz  $70.00
Oil-Free Chemical-Free pure mineral sun protection
2 oz  $54.00
Non-Tinted Oil-Free Chemical-Free pure mineral sun protection
2 oz  $54.00
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B4-Sea Mist Hydrating Spray

B18-Smart Serum A.G.E. Stop Cream

B8-True Beauty Moisturizer

Sea Mist Hydrating Spray

Smart Serum A.G.E. Stop Cream

True Beauty Moisturizer

Soothing sea weed aqueous hydrator
8 oz  $28.00
Advanced Age Control
2 oz  $90.00
Age Control Max
Stem Cell & Peptide Bio-Molecular Hydration

1.7 oz  $136.00
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B7-Turkish Rose Mist

B14-Wrinkle Recovery  Moisturizer

G1F-Healing Powers Body Lotion Lavender

Turkish Rose Mist

Wrinkle Recovery Moisturizer

Healing Powers Body Lotion Lavender

Pure rose aromatherapy hydrator
8 oz  $28.00
Super occlusive hydration
2 oz  $52.00
Lavender Scented Formula
16 oz  $53.00
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G1E-Healing Powers Lotion<br>UnScented

G2E-Mega-VITal Body Lotion

G4E-Soul Food Peppermint Foot and<br> Body Lotion

Healing Powers Lotion

Mega-VITal Body Lotion

Soul Food Peppermint Foot and
Body Lotion

Un-Scented Sensitive Skin Formula
16oz  $50.00
Daily Multi-Vitamin Hydrator
16 oz  $40.00
Repairing Green Tea Peppermint Tea Tree
16 oz  $40.00
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C30-True Beauty Illuminating Balm

True Beauty Illuminating Balm

Illuminating Primer
1/2 oz  $54.00
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• Bio-targeted delivery®
• Anti-oxidant protection.
• Maximum moisture
• Barrier replenishing
• VITal A™ age control
• VITal B™ plumping
• VITal C™ collagen
• VITal PEPTIDE™ renewal
• Pure earth friendly
Loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, bio-molecular peptides, growth factors, polyphenols, pure essential oils, these moisturizers deliver all day long. Our moisturizers target Read More...


• UVA and UVB coverage
• Organic mineral block
• VITal C™ pigment control
• Barrier replenishing
• Green anti-oxidants
• Tinted for light coverage
• Non-comedogenic
• Oil-free, great feel


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