Masks / Scrubs

E17-Bare Fruit Mask Set

E12-Be My Honey Mask

E21-Berry Rich Mask New!

Bare Fruit Mask Set

Be My Honey Mask

Berry Rich Mask New!

Deep Cleansing papaya enzyme mask with activator
set  $56.00
Redness and Sensitivity Control Mask
2 oz  $36.00
Corrective Bioflavonoids
2 oz  $38.00
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E3-Clean Slate Mask

E6-Feed Your Face Mask

E8-Flower Power Mask

Clean Slate Mask

Feed Your Face Mask

Flower Power Mask

Refining Sea Clay Mask
2 oz  $36.00
Nourishing Anti-Oxidant cream Mask
2 oz  $38.00
Hydrating, cooling gel Mask
2 oz  $36.00
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E22-Fresh Greens Mask New!

E4-Fresh Start Mask

E11-Go Spot Go Mask

Fresh Greens Mask New!

Fresh Start Mask

Go Spot Go Mask

Nourishing Superfoods
2 oz  $38.00
Rejuvenating Oxygen Mask
2 oz  $40.00
Pigment Control Mask
2 oz  $52.00
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E20-Healing Powers Mask New!

E14-Modern Mask

E7-Nitty Gritty Scrub

Healing Powers Mask New!

Modern Mask

Nitty Gritty Scrub

Sleep-In Overnight Mask
Peptides, Zinc, Selenium, Vit D & E

1 oz  $52.00
Regenerating Overnight Sleep-In Mask
2 oz  $86.00
Gentle, Creamy & Scrumptious Exfoliation
2 oz  $26.00
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E9-Oil Change Mask

E18-Overnight Blemish Banisher Mask

E10-Ruby Cream Scrub

Oil Change Mask

Overnight Blemish Banisher Mask

Ruby Cream Scrub

Oil Acne Control Mask with Sulfur Benzyl Peroxide
2 oz  $52.00
Sleep-In Acne Control
2 oz  $52.00
Personal Microdermabrasion Exfoliation
4 oz  $84.00
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H12-Honey Scrub Advanced Exfoliation

Honey Scrub Advanced Exfoliation

Emollient Oat Honey Formula
4 oz  $40.00
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• Bio-targeted delivery
• Corrective facials
• Aroma-vera facial therapy
• Fruit enzyme exfoliation
• Ruby crystal
• Microdermabrasion
• Organic peeling masks
• Nourishing anti-oxidants
• Oxygen infused fitness
• VITal PEPTIDE™ renewal
• Pure earth friendly
Looking for a corrective facial or one that is soothing and relaxing? We offer various treatment masks and scrubs that allow you to give your skin just what it needs. A must have for all is Read More...


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