Body Moisturizers

G9-Chill Out Body Gel

G8-Close Comfort Soothing Gel

G6-Liquid Gold Massage Oil

Chill Out Body Gel

Close Comfort Soothing Gel

Liquid Gold Massage Oil

Cooling Muscle Joint Relaxer
8 oz  $26.00
Post Sun Healing Gel
4 oz  $22.00
Vitamin A, C, E Enriched
8 oz  $20.00
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G13-Mango Shea Body Balm

G17-Romance Lotion

G7-Second Skin Body Glow Spray

Mango Shea Body Balm

Romance Lotion

Second Skin Body Glow Spray

Intense Body Hydrator
4 oz  $30.00
Chocolate Raspberry Massage
8 oz  $20.00
Jasmine Ylang Ylang Post Shower Dry Oil
8 oz  $30.00
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G5-Smooth Operator Massage Lotion

G14-Vitamin Hand Lotion

C17-Ageless Hydrating Gel

Smooth Operator Massage Lotion

Vitamin Hand Lotion

Ageless Hydrating Gel

Rich Nourishing Shea Butter Un-Scented
8 oz  $20.00
Healing Pink Grapefruit Vitamin C Shea Butter
16 oz  $34.00
Peptide Retinol Decollete Treatment
4 oz  $110.00
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B11-French Lavender Mist

G1F-Healing Powers Body Lotion Lavender

G1E-Healing Powers Lotion<br>UnScented

French Lavender Mist

Healing Powers Body Lotion Lavender

Healing Powers Lotion

Pure lavender aromatherapy hydrator
8 oz  $28.00
Lavender Scented Formula
16 oz  $53.00
Un-Scented Sensitive Skin Formula
16oz  $50.00
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G2E-Mega-VITal Body Lotion

G3B-Resurface Body Lotion Corrective

B4-Sea Mist Hydrating Spray

Mega-VITal Body Lotion

Resurface Body Lotion Corrective

Sea Mist Hydrating Spray

Daily Multi-Vitamin Hydrator
16 oz  $40.00
Raspberry Fruit Acid Exfoliating Lotion
16 oz  $60.00
Soothing sea weed aqueous hydrator
8 oz  $28.00
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B7-Turkish Rose Mist

G15-Vitamin Balm

G16-Vitamin Oil

Turkish Rose Mist

Vitamin Balm

Vitamin Oil

Pure rose aromatherapy hydrator
8 oz  $28.00
Cuticle repair Retinol, Sandalwood
0.25 oz  $12.00
Nail hydrator Vitamin E, Chamomile
0.5 oz  $22.00
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• Bio-targeted delivery
• Pure botanical scents
• Natural emollients
• Phytonutrients
• Anti-oxidant protection
• Moisture maximization
• Barrier replenishing
• Earth friendly

We believe that treatment oriented skin care should not only be limited to the face. Our entire line of body cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers and specialty Read More...


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