H1-Footloose Mint & Aloe Scrub

H3-Love Glow Body Scrub

H2-Mint Glow Body Scrub

Footloose Mint & Aloe Scrub

Love Glow Body Scrub

Mint Glow Body Scrub

Foot Repair Scrub
4 oz  $25.00
Jasmine Ylang Ylang Salt Glow
17 oz  $34.00
Green Tea Peppermint Sugar Glow
17 oz  $34.00
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H13-Sugar & Spice Hand & Body Scrub

E10-Ruby Cream Scrub

Sugar & Spice Hand & Body Scrub

Ruby Cream Scrub

Brown Sugar and Shea Hand and Body Exfoliator
11 oz  $30.00
Personal Microdermabrasion Exfoliation
4 oz  $88.00
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• Bio-targeted delivery
• Pure botanical scents
• Natural emollients
• Phytonutrients
• Anti-oxidant protection
• Earth friendly

Boost your skin's natural ability to repair, renew and correct itself by jumpstarting the process with our body exfoliators. The skin grows from the inside out. Read More...


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