Smart Serum A.G.E. Stop Cream

Bio: Effective A.G.E. prevention- a new frontier in age control is delivered with every application of this super smart cream. Research has found that sugar molecules can bind and damage skin proteins collagen and elastin producing Anti-Glycation End products (A.G.E.'s) accelerating the aging process and making the skin appear wrinkled, loose and dry. Blueberry, Persian Silk Tree (Mimosa Bark), Green Tea neutralize A.G.E's. Powerful healing nutrients (Vitamin D, Alpha-Lipoic Acid) along with collagen stimulating peptides plump, hydrate, firm to leave skin A.G.E'less.


Aging genetic / hormonal


Key Ingredients: Mimosa Bark Extract, Blueberry , Bio-Molecular Peptides, Fruit Acids, Organic Coconut Oil


How to Use / HINTS


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